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Sweet & sour pork

Mindblowingly famous for its taste and easy to combine is the Chinese dish sweet and sour pork. A typical sweet and sour pork melts in your mouth and delivers a mayhem to all senses. The basic ingredients of the dish are pork, vegetables, sugar, soy sauce and some bell peppers. Mmmm delicious!

Chow mein

Chow mein literally means stir-fried noodles and can be ordered in various delicious combinations. The basic ingredients are noodles, meat (beef, chicken or pork), seafood and steamed vegetables. Simple but an amazing Chinese dish that everybody loves!

Kung Pao chicken

Kung Pao chicken, sometimes Gong Bao or Kung Po is a traditional Chinese meal made with chicken, peanuts, vegetables and chilies. Its origin lies in the Sichuan cuisine which is well known for its spicy food. By the way Kung Pao was named after a governor of the famous Sichuan Provice in China.


Dumplings are the real Chinese fast foods and consists of small pieces of dough wrapped around a meat, vegetable, fish or sweet filling. Great comfort food and perfect as a side dish for your Asian meal.

Sichuan chicken

Hot & spicy thats a different name for Szechuan chicken! The Szechuan region in China is famous for its spicy dishes and this is one of many favorites. Every Chinese takeaway serves Szechuan chicken as one of their main dishes. So, are you ready for some flaming hot spicy food?

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You could walk to the kitchen and cook, or you could sit, chill, relax and get in the zone before your Chinese food is delivered. We know you don't want to cook! So leave the dishes in the sink and check out one of your favourite series, since the average delivery time is around 30 minutes. Which is perfect to watch one episode!

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testimonial photo 1
Excellent as always; hope they expand the menu to include some hot (maybe Sechuan?) dishes soon. I will definitely order that. Gina, 2016
testimonial photo 1
It's so nice to have a great Chinese in the area. Their delivery takes longer than most, buy it's worth the wait. Martin, 2016
testimonial photo 1
One of the best salt and pepper squid! Very fast delivery! Though didnt like the fried rice that much! But quite happy! Adnan, 2016

About Chinese takeaway

Are you looking for a Chinese takeaway near you? Great! We can help you find the best Chinese food delivery restaurants within seconds. You can choose from Chinese dishes such as Chinese noodles, Sweet and sour Pork, Gong Bao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, various types of Wontons and Dumplings, and many more delicious meals. Some Chinese takeaways also offer halal or vegetarian meals to satisfy the belly. So don’t worry, there is always a restaurant ready to serve your food! The Chinese cuisine uses meat, vegetables and spices that are well known but used in unique combinations to create a tasty dish. One of the main reasons that Chinese food has been so popular and widespread around England is due to it's unique, authentic taste, appealing appearance and a large selection of dishes. Additionally, the popularity of Chinese cuisine is promoted in England through high numbers of Chinese takeaways, delivery and pickup restaurants. It is literally possible to order a delicious Beijing Duck (Peking Duck) on every corner of the country. Are you ready to order Chinese food online?


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Are you hungry for some Chinese food? We can help you find the best Chinese delivery resto's near you, with our easy to use restaurant locator. Just type in your zip/postal code and we’ll find all the Chinese takeaway places near you. For example, we have Chinese takeaway restaurants located in Brighton, Swindon, Plymouth, Ipswich, York, Leicester, Chester, Hull, Peterborough, Southampton, Norwich, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Bath, Blackpool, Oxford, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff and many more. Find a Chinese takeaway restaurant and filter it on price, quality, delivery distance, popularity, delivery costs or minimum order amount. Now, lets order some Chinese food!

What can you expect when ordering Chinese takeaway food?

When you order a typical Chinese meal via takeout, the delivery driver will probably bring you a variety of dishes. The main dish is normally composed of several smaller ones and should be eaten in random order to experience the full taste of China. Typically, there are a couple of meat dishes such as chicken, beef or pork combined with fish or seafood and a traditional soup. The core of every meal is rice (steamed or sticky) and should be eaten in combination with the others. Chinese takeaway meals generally come with traditional chopsticks, a cup of tea and dipping sauce. Did you know that authentic Chinese food is probably one of the healthiest foods in the world? Because vegetables and meat are steamed instead of baked. In addition, the use of milk-fat ingredients are usually avoided. Are you tired of your local dishes? Try one of the 57 regional Chinese food styles at your favorite Chinese takeaway and be surprised how tasty food can be!